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The first book by Mark Butler and Mad Books Publishing is Sharmeelyon. Buy your copy of Sharmeelyon on Kindle or paperback TODAY!

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Our First Book:


Our first book, Sharmeelyon, is available NOW in the Kindle store and paperback!

About Mad Books Publishing

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MADBOOKS PUBLISHING is a partnership between my wife and me: MAD stands for Mark and Debi. I’m the author and my wife looks after other aspects of the business. We are both feeling our way at the moment and we aren’t accepting outside requests to publish at this stage.

The Author: Mark Butler


I first felt a desire to write books about twenty five years ago. I bought a typewriter, acquired paper, pencils and everything else needed to write the great Australian novel except I was missing one vital ingredient, what to write about. I toiled and struggled for ages and somehow I managed to cobble together something that would turn the eyes of the world my way. I think the publisher pulled it out of one envelope and stuffed it in the return envelope and sent it back to me as fast as he could without daring to glance at a word. This happened a few more times and I had begun to feel that this need I had to write was my imagination at work, so I stopped.

Somewhere in the midst of a life catastrophe six years ago I started writing to try and make sense of it all. All my writing had been from the intellect, and in other investigations at the same time I had unearthed my ego. I decided that the only way to stop me from persecuting myself was to become aware of my random, spontaneous thoughts and let them go and create spaces of no unconscious thinking, gaps of peace.

The inception of Sharmeelyon

A couple of years later a title popped into my head for the writing I was doing to understand my life. I considered it for a couple of minutes and decided there was something worthy to write about. As the document opened and I typed in the title, a word was in the forefront of my mind without any effort on my behalf. I shrugged my shoulders and typed it in, and as I was doing that another word appeared, and then more words presented so they became a sentence and sentences became a few paragraphs and it stopped. I read what I had written, changed it around a bit to make it linear, added a few words and was quietly impressed with the result.

After twelve months of doing this a concept popped into my head for a book. Essentially it was: the family of an ex black op’s guy is killed in Phoenix Arizona and he goes after the perpetrators. Interesting, so I mulled it over in my head a few times and realised this type of book had been done to death, and by much better writers than me. I counted it as a random thought and as it appeared I let it go.

In March of 2013 I had a compulsion to sit and write. Not an urge, a need or a feeling, this was a flat out compulsion and so I sat at my laptop and started typing; I didn’t have to think about anything it was just there. Sharmeelyon came out in three to four thousand word blocks. I didn’t have to be regimented in my writing, I could just sit any time and the words would be there. If not, I went back to the last completed chapter and edited forward, and by the time I got to the place where I had finished the flow was established. At one point I asked myself, as an Australian, why Phoenix, Arizona? A perfectly good question and the answer was, because it never wasn’t. As I continued to write and the characters moved around, Phoenix was the logical starting point.

The editing process was more cerebral, and at a guess I edited well north of fifty times and probably closer to ninety times. I knew I was finished editing and ready to self publish when I edited a passage back to what it was before I edited it.

Why self publish? Publishers have pushed the selection process back to literary agents and at my last submission I read the “how to” guide for a couple of agents and I have never read anything more sarcastic if not downright rude in my life. The other thing is, as a self publisher my fate is my hands.

What’s Next?

Just before I finished editing Sharmeelyon the concept for the second book was in my head. I am a third of my way through and I expect to be finished mid to late 2015. It will be a preseq (prequel/sequel) of the first book and my method of writing hasn’t changed. I park my intellect to one side and allow the flow to express.

I hope you enjoy.

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